Daily Bible Reading: Isaiah 39-40

After watching the video it makes much more sense a drastic change between 39 and 40. We leave off on the storytelling of destruction we start anew with prophetic verses.

I love/hate the way chapter 39 ends. Isaiah has to scold the king about something he would have already known had he been a fighter. And should know as a king. But he is just the descendant of a fighter and he’s now just the ruler during peaceful times. But it’s that kind of ruler who would respond this way. ‘Yeah God says things, at least I don’t have to worry about it.’ What’s that verse from proverbs? ‘You fool! Tonight your soul will be required of you.’

Chapter 40 is full of good quotable verses. I’m not going to try to pick any out as my favorite. Just read them and think about the power of God. And daydream what I could do with that power, wait a minute! I do have access to all of that. I can bring my requests directly to the King of Kings. Worried about my job where the state of the nation, God is bigger!

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