Daily Bible Reading: John 1:1-28

Fascinating video. The Bible Project always says great stuff. I did not realize that there was a debate over which John wrote the book. Though sadly growing up I didn’t realize there was even more than one John. Every other story book every character has a distinct name so as not to confuse anyone. Yet IRL a lot of people have the same names. In fact growing up in my youth group there was four John’s.

The other item that sticks out to me in these videos is that the four Gospels each focus on a different theme. John is quite clear with his theme, Jesus being the Messiah.

And I never thought of John one is being poetry. But now that someone points it out it’s clear to me.

V.1-14 These verses could be easily summed up: in the beginning was Jesus and he’s fulfilling all the OT.

One thing that never occurred to me till now reading about John the Baptist is that he is only a few months older than Jesus. And yet by the time Jesus hits the scene John the Baptist has a huge following. Enough so that people think he could be the Christ. Wonder how many disciples John had? Or did he send everyone to Jesus as soon as Jesus made is miracle debut.

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