Daily Bible Reading: Luke 22:31-53

V.31-34 he talks to Simon Peter like a child here. Peter’s not ready yet to go to prison in to death, in Jesus can see that but he has to tell him something give him the courage to do it later. It’s apparent you can see that in a child you tell them this is what’s going to happen but they don’t believe you. Sometimes they think they’re ready can you let them go forward and fail so they can learn. I think without Peter’s failure here he won’t become what he was later.

V.35-36 I don’t quite understand this area. obviously the Lord is telling them that they won’t have things given to them because they will be an underground church now. They will need to bring knapsack of provisions in the money bag to buy more. Yet what is this about selling a cloak and taking up a sword. I don’t recall, other than in the next 10 minutes of the story, any disciple using a sword. what is this mean those that would normally take them in and give them a cloak going to give them the point of a sword? I mean clearly the disciples didn’t get either as they said “Lord have are two swords”

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