Daily Bible Reading: Luke 22:1-30

So next things going on on this passage. V.2 they wanted to kill Jesus, but feared the people. They are leaders with no power or authority. Like modern time politicians, they change their tune every time the masses want x, y or z. The sadly our politicians are supposed to represent the people, but they just end up doing what they think “everyone” wants instead of what their constituents want. But that’s a story for another time. Just wanted to point out that it’s amazing if they want to keep their power so bad and they’re afraid of Jesus taking it, but they really don’t have any power because they’re afraid of the people.

Next v.3, did Satan really enter into Judas. Or is this one of those times where a satanic idea entered Judas’ mind. We’ve seen before unclean Spirit enter into somebody; when it’s really just an unclean spirit giving an idea for somebody to do something and they did it. There have been books written on this topic, but I will only ask the question once will Judas be in heaven?

V.10-12 I’ve only ever heard IT people talk like this. I think Jesus would have been in IT if they had it. ”’click this link, after you click it you’ll see a box, scroll down until you see this check box check it, then you’ll be able to do this feature.”’ Ha ha. I knew the IT field was a full-time Christian ministry.

V.16,18 he says he will not eat or drink until the kingdom of God comes. When is this time referring to? I thought after the resurrection and before the Ascension he had meals with some people. Maybe I misremembering. Is the kingdom of God those 40 days or is it referring to Jesus going to heaven,? Or we on the kingdom of God right now? I don’t know I’m not very scholarly but I can ask questions.

And these fickle 12 they go from arguing about who’s going to betray their leader to death and then they argue about who’s going to be greater after he dies. Heroes of stories are supposed to be great people, not a bunch of bickering kids. Very real life…

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