Daily Bible Reading: Luke 19:1-27

It’s always amazing to me how quickly they turned on their own, within days they are praising than cursing Jesus. I hope that I am not that fickle and cannot return by popular opinion. I pray that I will not give into peer pressure when given the opportunity.

The video ending with death and silence is great. thankfully though the video ends like that Jesus does not and we will not end in death and silence.

v.2-5 Can’t read about zacchaeus without seeing the song. Too bad the Sunday School song doesn’t talk about how Zacchaeus wants to work his way to heaven and Jesus says you are still lost but I am here now

v.26 another glimpse of what the afterlife will be like, similar to present day, but just enhanced. What you give will be given to you and what you take will be taken from you.

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