Daily Bible Reading: Like 19:28-48

Here is the King, fulfilling prophecy, and the so-called religious leaders just scoffed at him. If you love your position over the Lord, your heart of not in the right place. To many pastors even in present day have feel to this exact same weakness.

Knowing the future and all of time, it must be very taxing on your soul. To know all the pain that one may feel, even when they are at their happiness. His many many disciples rejoice for him and yet he just sees the destruction of the city.

I’ve heard people complain when the preacher talks about money or tithing or giving to the church (probably just a guilty conscience), claiming that this is an example of Jesus not wanting money and church to mix. The day already hated the rich and now he hates the businessman. Throwing the businessman out of the Temple, not because they’re businessmen, but because they are exploiting God for personal gain.

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