Daily Bible Reading: Isaiah 65-66

65:1-16: if I’m reading this right God is saying, open my arms to you and you rejected me so I’ll reject you.
17: so the words created, heavens, earth, are the exact same Hebrew words used in Genesis 1:1. The only difference is the addition of the word ‘new’. Which in this case means: different, fresh. So God will replace the old heaven and the old Earth with the new heaven and new earth. which he will also create by speaking into existence. what I find particularly interesting is the second half of the verse ‘and we will not remember’. Why not? I’ve always assumed we’ll remember the old heaven and old Earth. No evidence to support that, it’s just what I assumed.
66:1-6: So humility is more important than sacrifice?
7-12: no comments
13: God comforts us like a mother and a father. As a parent my wife and I comfort the kids very differently. God does both.
14-24 I love all of this. Only one thing was odd, v.24 we’ll look out and see the rebellious as dead and on fire.

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