Benefits of hosted

  • Quick installation and ease of use: PnP phones, training already in place, less downtown during change
  • Integration with existing systems: Outlook, Android/iPhone
  • Scalability: easily add 10/100 phones, server users only what is needed
  • Adaptability: many different desk/cell phone options, can change
  • Enhanced Collaboration: join meeting with 1 click, static team chat, IM
  • Superior customer support: more than just the firm’s small department, 24/365 (variable)
  • Budget flexibility: Same small cost over time, CapEx vs OpEx, no lump sum, only pay for what you use
  • Reliability and security: big company = big security budget, same price for 2x 3x redundancy
  • Be a better manager: included detailed call logs, mobility for always on monitoring

Benefits of On-Prem

  • Ownership: asset, cannot be taken away or changed without notice
  • Control: CSIT can manage and customize and change as desired
  • Cost: all up-front, small maintenance/license fees monthly
  • Stability: don’t fix it if it’s not broke