Daily Bible Reading: Isaiah 51-52

Chapter 51 – When the Lord comforts you, it’s more than a quick hug and a pat on the back. Recently our teacher was talking about the Gospel in Sunday School. It’s so much bigger than just Good News or just another religious thing. It is ground breaking, world altering news. Same with the power behind it when the Lord comforts. V2 Abraham was ‘comforted’ with many children, v3 even the ground is ‘comforted’ from dessert to garden, the entire Earth is ‘comforted’ with Salvation. And likewise without the Lord’s comfort: v6 they will wear out, vanish, die.

Chapter 52 – which leads into what is the Lord’s comfort, salvation. 52:1-12. He is coming to bring salvation. But you won’t recognize Him. 13-15 and you won’t understand.

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