Daily Bible Reading: Jeremiah 21-22

21:1-2-it’s almost as if he had never heard Jeremiah speak. Go ask him what wonderful things God’s going to do for us? Well first off do you remember literally throwing this man in prison for claiming he speaks the word of God?! I can almost imagine a smug face guy looking down at Jeremiah saying how’s the Lord going to bless us today? and Jeremiah would respond you will die or surrender up to you.

Interesting he still gives Judah a chance still in the beginning of 22, but he continues proclaiming destruction knowing the king won’t listen and his sons won’t listen.

22:23 He’s used this example of a woman in labor many times. At first I was thinking, as a man, we don’t joke and say that anyone can have that kind of pain. That’s an untouchable area. However it makes sense now. That is the most painful thing imaginable. So instead of saying you’ll be in pain like torture of the enemy, he says you’ll be in pain like a woman in labor.

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