Daily Bible Reading: Jeremiah 17-18

17:8 = Psalm 1:3. Tree planted by water. Only times that phrase is used. So we can assume J is quoting David.
17:9 – I’ve heard this verse quoted many times. Interesting to see it in context though. Verses 8 and 10 both are metaphors about bearing fruit and whether or not you follow God.
17:13 – fountain of living water as a name for God. This is the first time that phrases used, a similar phrase with youth in Psalms but not exactly. So we can assume the verse in John must be quoting Jeremiah.
17:14-18, 18:18-23- Jeremiah changes his mind and doesn’t pray for the people’s deliverance. he prays for his own safety and he prays for anybody who’s against him to be destroyed. I’m all about praying for safety for our family. Not sure sure if I want to pray destruction upon anybody who wants to hurt us. That’s definitely an old testament thing. All over the New testament we pray for the health of our enemy.

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