Daily Bible Reading: Jeremiah 15-16

Both of these chapters have a similar structure. First half: death, second half: silver lining. Chapter 15: choose how you want to die, but I will spare you since you asked. Chapter 16: everyone’s going to die but I’ll redeem Israel later.

Two things really stood out to me. 16:10-11- when answering the people why they’re being punished He said “your father’s turned away and you did worse.” I for one am glad I do not have to answer for us since my parents they do not to answer for my sins. Not that any of us have to answer for a sentence because they’re covered under the cross, but I don’t have to he responsible for my parents are my children when it comes to following Christ. I will follow Christ and teach my children as they grow up to do the same but ultimately everyone answers for themselves.

Secondly, 15:1-2, didn’t Moses and Samuel both “change God’s mind” on many occasions. On multiple occasions God was going to destroy Israel, but Moses interceded on their behalf. And Samuel transition from judges to kings. And He says He will not listen, but the next chapter he says He’ll bring them out of the north just as He brought them out of Babylon.

100% Good and 100% man, 3in1 Father/Son/Holy Spirit, let you choose your death sentence (16:2) but I’ll rescue you.

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