Daily Bible Reading: Jeremiah 13-14

13 – So first off Israel isn’t supposed to be like a loincloth aka underwear for God (v.11 ESV). It should be girdle (KJV) or belt (NIV). Basically a strong piece of clothing it keeps everything where it should be. Israel should be the strongest other nations it is the best example how things should be. But now they are completely useless.
Also I find it interesting that Jerusalem has great pride and Judah just has pride. Great here has also been translated money or a large quantity. However I would think that the country of Judah is larger than the city of Jerusalem? Maybe that the number of people that have pride as their greatest sin in Jerusalem is larger than the number of people in all of Judah?
14:11 – that’s right He told Jeremiah just a few chapters ago, not to try to intercede for Israel. That it was too late for them and they would not change. And yet in 17-22 Jeremiah does just that. I think when we really care about something nothing will stop us trying to help it.

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