Daily Bible Reading: Isaiah 61-62

Maybe it’s just be but at least in chapter 61 I’m getting lost who the ‘their’, ‘they’ ‘i’ and ‘you’ are referring to. 61:4 they seems to refer to Israel building up the ruined city. And in 5-6 “tend your flocks” and “they will speak of you”. ‘they’ is the foreigners and ‘you’ is Israel. So then in verses 8-9 ” everlasting covenant with them. Their offspring” … who is ‘they’?? Is God making a covenant with the people who now serve Israel? I though, just keep reading context will explain, butt in verses 10 and 11 he’s back to talking about himself, which we can assume to be Isaiah at least.

Thankfully chapter 62 only has one subject. Which is odd to begin with: Speaking of the city as a person. Also are the inhabitants all Israelites or just those that live in the city. Because at the end of the chapter it says when the Lord comes back with salvation (could be in at the time physical s from Babylonian slavery or spiritual salvation from son). And “they” will be a Holy People

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