Daily Bible Reading: Isaiah 55-56

55:2 – wow, that hit home. Just looking around where I’m sitting in the living room. Why did I spend money on what will not satisfy. It doesn’t say we can’t have nice things. In fact it says enjoy good food. Meaning, to me at least, consider and take into account when purchasing is this trying to satisfy something or will this make a lasting difference in eternity.
55:8-9 – I’ve seen as quoted many times, but it’s interesting to see it in the context. Talking about God’s plans and that other nations/people not just Israel can have a relationship with God.
56:1-8 – speaking of which anyone can follow God. Anyone can obey end be part of his flock. And make sure we welcome those people, don’t let them feel like foreigners.
56:9-12 – because even Israelites own leaders aren’t perfect and some aren’t following God.

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