Daily Bible Reading: Isaiah 53-54

A passage we’re all pretty familiar with, Isaiah’s prophecy in chapter 53 has been quoted, posted, preached many times. But we take it for granted and immediately associate it with Jesus. Could you imagine reading this these first time as an Israelite in that time. ‘what? The king of the Jews will be tortured and killed? No way. Let’s only focus on the white horse and crushing his enemy stuff’. I’m Isaiah writing this was in disbelief at first. This is big stuff, he predicted something completely unlikely and yet 100% accurate.

Now chapter 54 on the other hand I haven’t heard before. I guess no one wants to preach about God saying “in a moment of overflowing anger I hid my face from you”. That is scary stuff. But God did not abandon Israel you just looked away for a bit; and even that, caused them much pain. But we should focus on the bright side, now, you will never do that again and gives Israel a covenant of Peace forever

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