Daily Bible Reading: Isaiah 49-50

49:6 Israel is supposed to be missionaries. Taking The Truth to all nations. Everyone is supposed to know. Call back to 42:6,10 it says almost the same thing.
49:13-15 God will have compassion and heal Israel but they feel completely ignored and forgotten. I loved this response: a mother would sooner forget her child then Good forget his people. It emphasizes that we are his children but also much more than that. Sometimes when we are in our sin or the result of our sin is upon us, we feel like God has abandoned us. But he’s still there. Waiting to heal you. Just need to take the first step and all for forgiveness from God.
49:25-26 when God ready to redeem us, nothing can stop him. ‘God, how can you bless me, I have this sin, I have this addiction, I have this turn in my flash’ “I am the Lord your Savior, and your Redeemer, the Mighty One of Jacob.” Nothing can get in God’s way.

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