Daily Bible Reading: Isaiah 47-48

-Chapter 47 whoever this woman is supposed to be she is about to be exposed for who she really is. God used her to punish his people by tricking and trapping them, but no more. She thinks she is a god (v.8, that what the Lord just said on yesterday’s reading), it she is nothing more than a pawn.
-I’m scared to think of if ever do that: think that I’m greater than I really am or say I’ve setup something great, God won’t take this from me (v.8-9).
-now that He has finished talking to the captor it’s to talk to the captives. He tells them he is God; they can leave now, but if they had only listened this never would have happened. I tell my kids that on a daily basis. Just listen to me and it will go well for you, don’t listen and you could end up hurt or in trouble. But do they listen, no! You would think I would learn as an adult, nope. I, like a child, like Israel, am dumb and don’t listen to God’s warnings.

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